This little thing called sleep...

Justin got home from work at midnight and we were talking on AIM when his internet decided to stop working. So he calls me and we talk for a while and he tells me that he has to work at 7am and it's currently 4:44...he's like "I won't fall asleep, I'll be fine." but I'm completely falling asleep, catching myself right before I doze off because I don't want him to be late for work because this job is major important to his career(he works at L3 as an aircraft mechanic in training) so I'm trying to talk every once in a while to make sure he stays awake. There's a long silence of about 5 minutes I nod to sleep but wake up immediately and I can hear him sleeping only I'm too tired to say anything so I fall back asleep. So I woke up at 8ish this morning, checked my phone log and our call started at 3:09 and was 4 hours and 7 minutes long. Which means one of us hung the phone up at 7:16. Making Justin late for work. But he called me earlier to let me know that he made it to work on time because their class doesn't actually start until after 7:30 so he was only a few minutes late.

This boy is completely my hero because he works three jobs and is fixing to go back to school and he still finds time to have a life.

Sunday and Fiction

I love getting into old habits, or hobbies rather. I was sitting in bed on my laptop earlier this week and I realized that I haven't read any fan fiction in a good year or two so I decided to check out and sure enough I found an amazing H/D story by the lovely romaine. I've made it all the way to chapter 100. There's one more chapter to go, the Epilogue, and I can't get myself to read it. I loved the story but she's warned that it tells of their death and such and I don't want to read it! I am such a pansy, no pun intended, haha.

So tomorrow is Sunday and I usually work at 11:30 with a closing shift, but for some amazing reason or another, I have the day off! I haven't had a Sunday off in a while so I'm going to a car show with my dad tomorrow! That means I have to get up early and wash and detail my car, yuck haha.

A Day of Movies

So last night(or early this morning rather), I started watching the movie Timeline. Now I love this movie but Paul Walker is a horrible actor. Gorgeous, but not too talented, but that Gerard Butler, fantastic. So I started getting tired and fell asleep. So I got up this morning, moped around and turned on the television. Timeline was on in the exact place I had left off. Amazing.

Haha, old Disney movies; Johnny Tsunami.

Dog Days of Denton

So Barklee and I are super excited for the Dog Days of Denton on Saturday! I have to work at 4 so we won't be able to stay the whole time, but I'm just looking forward to meeting other dog owners and hanging out with Danielle and Hershey! <3 for more info

I've realized that I have a bad habit of restarting on livejournal(this is the second since the start of the new year), but I think I do it when I've reached times in my life where I feel I've accomplished some maturing and grown up. I just graduated and I've taken such a hold on life. I have serious money in the bank, so much that I could take off of work for two weeks and still be more then okay but I'm trying to be responsible and start a savings, since I'm staying at home I don't think it will be too bad.